Japan - Tokyo
a sign on a sleepy
façade, and a spiral.

a private garden
over­looking the lake.
nature in multiple essences changing
throughout the year.
a light that follows
the rhythm of the
seasons like a clock.

France - aeroport CDG
a large-scale eye-shaped
façade, visible from
the interior as well as
from inside the taxiing
airplanes. a lounge
overlooking the runway,
a facade in a play of
flowing move­ments
of everchanging
tones, daylight and

France - Alsace
a fine-dining restaurant
on the banks of a river.
extended by the currents
of the river that make
the space vibrate
with reflections of light.
a time for sharing
ideas and fine-dining

Maroc - Marrakech
an iconic hotel inside
a garden created
by a great designer.
nestled between
pool house and
gardens, is an
array of chandeliers
and oversized
lanterns inviting
you to socialize,
defining each space
as unique.